The Baby Years! Best. Changing Station. Ever.

So, small spaces are kind of my thing. I loooove small spaces: I love decorating them, living in them, I love figuring them out. That’s the thing with small spaces, isn’t it? You have to figure them out like a puzzle, see how things go with each other so the whole thing fits together just right, just so.

I think one key to solving  small space living is to not stop evolving the space. It’s about optimization, but not permanence. Adapt and adjust. Or put better for interiors: renovate and redecorate.

The first iteration of our bedroom was fab. It was an exercise in turning a somewhat unconventional idea into reality. I mean, it was not groundbreaking stuff. After all, the idea came to me from an Ikea video. But it was a bit risky to divide the bedroom with wardrobes, cutting down the sleeping area. We were worried it would look cramped, but it did not. It was perfect, we loved having a dressing area.

Then, as the baby years were about to start, we knew we had to create a space in the bedroom for the baby (we want the baby with us in the room for probably up to a year). We “opened” the room back up by pushing our row of three PAX wardwrobes against one wall so the room traffic would flow easily, particularly for those nighttime feeds. And we needed to make space for a changing station. Of course the easy solution would have been to just plop a changing pad on a dresser and be done with it. But after getting an amazing deal on a gorgeous storage bed at ABC Carpet and Home (!!!) we were able to empty one wardrobe completely (it stored linen and winter coats). We put the changing table in the wardrobe instead. A) It’s super safe; the baby can’t roll off (not that she rolls anywhere just yet) and B) We’ve taken up zero extra floor space AND there’s more than enough storage in there for all your baby needs.



Inspired by nursery-closets everywhere! Ikea hacks are such fun project. This is a doorless Pax wardrobe with four wire drawers, which we lined with fabrib scrapped from an old Ikea duvet. The grass green carpet is another recycled bit: we trimmed down an old carpet tile from – you guessed it! – Ikea.


This mobile is our baby’s delight. We named each one of her freinds: Mariella, Fabio, Gigi, and Bruce. She adores them. It was made by an artisan in Uganda and sold through Project Have Hope.


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