When Bad Paint Happens to Good People: Redux

We’re nearly done with the paint stripping. No, really. We will soon not have any more doors or windows or baseboards to strip, even if we wanted to. But believe me: we don’t ever want to. Ever again.

We’ve finished stripping two more door ways: one that leads from the corridor to the dining room, the other to the living room. All that’s left now is the door way to the bedroom. That’s it. Just…one…more!!

Until the final “reveal” of our hallway (I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT! I CAN ALMOST SMELL THE FRESH PAINT!! OMG I NEED TO CALM DOWN)…here’s a before, during after of the latest paint-caked trim to bite it:




3 thoughts on “When Bad Paint Happens to Good People: Redux

  1. Oh totally feeling your pain … the stripping is the worst 😦 Good luck with pushing through that last one, and enjoy the “just painted fumes” when you get there!!

  2. Did you use peelaway? I’ve been thinking about using that product. I’ve heard great things. Did you have to sand the doors and moldings after you stripped? I was told I can’t due to the likelihood that I have one or more lead paint layers.

    • We did use peelaway! It was what we used most often. How much paint residue is left on your doors and moldings will depend on how many layers and most of all what type of paint is in the layers. We had the type that wouldn’t leave. Sometimes, it required several attacks of peelaway. or a combo of conventional paint remover to remove the top layer of water based paint. Then after scraping that off, applying the peelaway and covering it up for about 48 hours. If there was lead paint in your moldings, then there will be lead paint if you scrape or sand. We used TSP cleaner to clean the peelaway/paint gunk off all the molding (it cleans way lead paint traces). Once it was as clean as it could get, we were left with a lot of staining and spots in our molding (may do a post) and it all looks very “rustic” and “deconstructed”. We decided to embrace that and covered the lot with clear, waterbased polyurethan to seal the wood and prevent any more dust or paint particles to release into the apartment. Good luck!! Let me know if you have more questions or can share your progress!!

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