New Year (kind of), New Renovation Updates (for real!)

It’s been For. Ever. Since my last post. I know. But I don’t know why. So, I’m doing this rapid-fire style: pics only!

We’re so happy that we got our apartment to a place where we could actually invite people over for the holidays! Not only that, we’ve finally been in the decorating phase! That’s right: furniture, rugs, artwork even! Right now, I can’t think of a more comfortable, cozy spot than our living room.

But first a quick Before (After paint stripping, During construction of the Nook/ Office Wall):

P1030999Here is the space just after construction (innit purdey??)


And now:


One of the things I love most about our place is looking around and seeing true history behind all our objects. I know that shabby chic and distressed industrial are very trendy-right-now looks that can be achieved easily with a couple of purchases at Home Goods – and there’s nothing wrong in that. It’s just I love that I can say we inherited the chairs from my next door neighbor who passed away (intrepid little lady who played tennis with Althea Gibson!) and had them reupholstered. The trunk and bar cart were salvaged from a house a couple of doors down from us. My father made the bench (its twin serves our entry way). In fact, the whole apartment is full such stories: hallway pendant lamps my father salvaged from a dumpster, the dining table we designed and had made by a lower east side furniture maker, etc., etc. Makes me happy.


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