Kitchen Makeover Continues!

So, again, I blogged about the nitty-gritty process of installing this floor over on Brick

It’s a few months now that we’ve been living with the new kitchen and kitchen flooring and we love it now even more than when we first installed it. The linoleum flooring looks just as fresh as it did when first installed. I know four months is not a lot to ask of any floor, but still. There was a lot of internet chatter about how poorly it would hold up to wear and tear and cleaning, so we are relieved to find out the floor seems to be super durable.

Edit: Left out the whole “restrospective” part of the post! Quick collage of “before” pics.

The Early Days: 1) Paint Stripping Starts. 2) The Floor in all its unholy glory. 3) Bare necessities in place 4) Making it look ‘home-y’ – and almost succeeding.

kit1-4Our lovely, efficient, rough-round-the-edges, industrial-rustic-esque kitchen. Everything out in the open. Fun, but too busy. Some closed storage was needed. And that floor…way too rough, way dangerous with loose nails, etc.

2kitSo, we added some modern sleek: 1) GORGEOUS Marmoleum Click floor tiles in Volcanic Ash 2) A row of ikea Akurum cabinets/sink base with in high gloss white (with capita legs, to keep the free-standing kitchen look). 3) lighting handmade by Dad. So simple, so cool, so exactly how I wanted it!

kitredoEver preferring open storage overhead, we added a hanging grid from The Container Store on the wall above for pots and cutting boards, etc. It works really well alongside the Grundtal rails.


Well, it was complete, but obviously unnaturally neat!


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