Building a home office. A Guest Nook. A Walk-in-Closet.

About time I posted some pics of our best renovation innovation yet!

I wrote about this a short while back for, so just follow the link for some more info. Here, I wanted to share some “behind the scenes”: I wanted to share some of the inspirational images I used during my process of coming up with the whole concept and design of the room.

This was a room by So cozy and snug. I thought: a bit impractical, but boy they make that  space earn its keep!

Really, all you need is a bit of comfort and prettiness and, above all, privacy. A separate space for sleeping and dressing. And maybe working. And reading. Perhaps meditating. And doing crosswords.

Here was another idea I loved: light and airiness through windows:

I also, for some odd reason, really loved the idea of having sidelites. You know, like they have for front doors.

So: Snug and comfy, light and airy, front-door-like. These were the thoughts behind creating a “room” (not legally a bedroom, since it’s under 80 square feet) that was only 57 inches wide (and about 11 feet long).

After stripping the windows and baseboards, we had a contractor come in and build us a wall. If you’d like to check out exactly how the experience went, please, please check out my column! Or, ask me anything here.


The Original. The Living room had lovely proportions, but it just didn’t work for our needs. We wanted a separate working room, and a place to stick our overnight guests.

First, a quick look at how the room looked originally.

And a “before” pic. Though technically a “during” pic…


And the final result! Is that a thing of beauty or what?!



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