How To Get Rid of Popcorn ceiling: out of sight, out of mind!


No, he’s not fist bumping. The super light-weight styrofoam ceiling tiles just some pressure applied to them (after getting a few globs of adhesive) in order to stick to the ceiling


All you need is some AcrylPro Tile Adhesive or Power Grab Construction Adhesive, a box cutter, and a can-do attitude.


Love, Love, Love the new ceiling. Bit Baroque. But whatevs.











I haven’t posted anything in way too long! But that’s not because We’ve been lazy with our renovation, nor have I have I been  lazy in writing about our renovation.

In fact, I’ve been really busy doing both. But I’ve been doing them over on… I have a column there called Renovation Chronicles!

This project is one that probably came to me because I was trying to think of a project that I can prep (relatively) quickly, and execute quickly. This happens when you get stuck in with projects that take molasses months to research, plan, prep, execute, finish. All of a sudden, you just need a quick fix.  You basically just need to see some goddamn improvement already!

I did a ‘warts and all’ post on on the whole project. In fact, I did two. Second part is even better, because there’s actually, you know, results!



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