Mini DIY Projects for the Urban Dweller : Dipped Furniture

Our schedules haven’t permitted any huge renovation projects lately. Which is great because it gives me the perfect excuse to get on with some mini projects I’ve been dying to try, but have thought too small to pay real attention to. “That’s for later” has been the catchphrase when it came to considering small embellishments and “fluff pieces”. But don’t they say it’s all in the details anyway?

So, one Sunday, while flipping through a House Beautiful, I found a coupon stuck within the pages of  the magazine. It was for a free trial paint pot from Lowe’s! A trial pot size of pain is all I need for some of a small projects I’ve had in mind.

I’ve been loving the “dipped” paint look on furniture. I know, I know, you see them all over the place. What can I say? The Marketing has worked on me. Just as Meryl Street as the fictional Anna Wintour said in The Devil Wears Prada: This was decided for me by designers and artists who sit in a room. You see them everwhere:

dipped stuff

This is one of those trends one looks at and thinks: “I could do that.” I mean, seriously. Yes, I recognize I probably could not have thought of the design concept my self. But I can carry it out myself. Even in my smallish home, it would be done quite easily. And so I did.

IMG_0048I started by taking the furniture piece of choice: Ikea’s Bekväm stepstool. Ours had been ravaged by time and       renovation. It was scuffed up (though it’s a   sturdy solid wood piece) and had thick splotches of paint all over it. I laid out some paper bags and place the thing on top. Then I took a 6-in-1 Tool and hacked and scraped away at the paint splotches. (The tool is picture, Left. I got the thick splotches of paint off, but obviously wasn’t able to erase all trace of them) Then I sanded the whole piece down with 120 Grit sand paper.

Then I “washed” it down with a paper towel soaked in warm water and dish detergent. Then I wiped it down with a dry paper towel. It probably would have been best to wipe it down with a tack cloth, but I didn’t bother. This one was a quickie. Plus, it’s Ikea. It’s not exactly precious material, you know what I mean?  Then I let it air dry for a couple of hours while I went on a barbeque with my sister!

Once air dried, and once I got back from the barbeque, I took my little pot of paint from Lowe’s and started painting the whole thing with a sponge brush. I like sponge brushes for painting furniture because they don’t streak like regular brushes. (Though I like that look, too. Just not for this project). The paint I selected was Sweet Mint from their new colors collection. I love it. It’s gives exactly that fresh, colorful, cheerful feel I wanted.Ta-Da!



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