The Great Radiator Rescue

What a pain the ass this painting project was. But Well worth it, I must say.





Step one: Detach your radiator. We had a professional do this. And by that I mean, when the plumber came to change the on/off valve on our monstrosity of a radiator, I simply asked him not to reattach them. I cleared it with our super first. He said, if i didn’t let their guy finish the job, we were responsible to paying whoever came by to finish the job, whenever that may be. Okay, said I




Step two: Clean the radiator. This is our radiator from the back. No paint there, no sir. You can tell nobody had ever bothered to clean or pain behind the radiator properly. The dust, dirt, and general disgusting ickiness that your find stuck within the coils will make you want to vomit. I scraped any loose bits of paint first so that they would fall off before I started really cleaning between the coils.





P1030706Step three: Keep cleaning. Keep steady and keep cleaning and which way you see possible. I used this skinny 6-in-1 tool to pull out strands of debris. Then I took a long, thin piece of wood (discarded 1/4″ molding) to push a moist rag through and around the coils. This is nasty business, but somebody’s gotta do it.







Step Four: Set up your Kill Room. Ever see how meticulously Dexter set up this kill rooms? That’s what I was going for here.  This is a particularly UrbanAntebellum type DIY project in that I had no outdoors for spray paint job. No driveway, garage, back yard. I had my dining room, that’s about it. So I brought 6 mil plastic sheet up higher than I thought I would be spraying to protect everything around me. With the windows open, I cracked open a can of rustoleum, high heat resistant spray paint in silver. This project used 2 cans.







P1030723Step Five: Give the Super $20 to come by with his larger-than-life plumber’s wrench and reattach the this thing. This thing, by the way, weighs about 500 pounds. No lie. So it took two grown men to lift it back into place without scratching up the floor. When re-connecting this thing, it’s very important that is is level. Otherwise, steam gets stuck and bounces around the coils and then next thing you know everything is awful and you just want to go into a new-build condo. The fumes this thing emitted in the beginning were not that great, but that soon subsided.







Enjoy warmth and style, and cleanliness all at once!


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