Would you like a Wood-burning fireplace? I know I would. I know where to get one, too!

I haven’t posted for weeks. It’s been seriously hectic and even the home projects have had to take a back seat to the end-of-year work deadlines. It’s like, even though we know 2012 must come to an end, the year is still putting up a fight. It’s saying: You want to get rid of me? Well, you can get rid of my name, but the memory of me will burn in your minds for at least a year!

It’s been crazy, of course. I can’t believe the year is almost over, and that we have not done half of what we wanted to accomplish in the apartment! Last February, when we moved in, we faced what undoubtedly many, many New Yorkers moving in to pre-war apartments face: a lot of layers of paint. As evidenced by this blog, we’ve been in serious stripping mode. We want crisp lines, not soggy one, blurred by 96 years of paint layer. We wanted to get into every nook and cranny and give the place the patch up it’s been needing for decades. To that end, when we moved into the space in February, we had the radiators disconnected.

We thought: this is perfect. It’s warm enough in the apartment, what with rising heat, and a mild winter and the incredible sun light we get pretty much all day. So if we leave the radiators disconnected, we can get behind those suckers. Really scrape and clean and paint the wall behind them, which is almost never possible to do in a rental. We can fix the floor beneath the radiators, too, since they’ve become weak over the years (no doubt helped along by a radiator leak or two).

Cut to eight months later, and the radiators are still not connected. It’s winter again and this winter so far: not so mild. It’s been really, really cold in the dining room, and frankly the rest of the apartment is getting nippy as well.

So: what is there to do in such a situation? Re-connect the radiators? But we’re not quite done in that room yet! If we re-connect now, we won’t be able to do all the scraping, cleaning ,etc work on the room after all. No, what we need is a better solution. Have I told you about my dreams of having a fireplace? They just came true courtesy of our local Rite Aid. I love this thing. Absolutely love it.

Photo on 12-18-12 at 6.56 PM


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