The Dining Hutch Challenge (Or: As Much Cabinet As I Can Take)

When we bought this place, we were aware that — basically — we had the same set of space as in our last apartment: we had a good sized living room with a little work area carved into it. The kitchen was small but functional, with a dining area right off it. After a few weeks of being in this apartment (which is about 50% larger, with formal rooms and at least one window in each room) we still couldn’t unpack anything (renovation hell, the impetus for this blog) we had to just imagine where we would put stuff. After some discussions, we realized that we were just trying to translate our furniture arrangement from the old place into the new apartment. The old place had a dining area with barely enough room for a table and chairs in it, and we were imaging that we would only have a new table and chairs in our new formal dining room. The kitchen we have now is twice as big as the one before, but it’s still not that huge and there are no cabinets in it. I’m not a cabinet fan – as already expounded upon here. And we were still trying to figure out where how we’d cram all our stuff into the kitchen and still have it look good on the open shelving we wanted.

Once we realized that, it was easy to break the habit of thinking in terms of the old space and start planning how we could more efficiently use our new and improved environment. The first bright I idea I had was to get a dining hutch! Of course we needed a dining hutch to put all our dishes and rarely used kitchenware in (Spätzle-Ass anybody? That German for Spätzle Ace – not the other thing). So we searched around and slipped right into the ol’ price-vs-quality conundrum. We weren’t really finding what we were looking for at a price we were willing to spend.
Design Sponge was a huge inspiration with this post of theirs on modernizing hutches.

And Craig and his List, came through for us big time by hooking us up with a great resource: We eventually found exactly what we wanted through  Forgotten Furniture. These guys were great. Reliable and friendly and have some really, really cool old stuff for super reasonable prices. Check them out!

And just like that we had bought our first piece of real furniture for our Urban Antebellum home.

Here it is in its original glory.

But, as in the Design Sponge inspiration, I was dying to try my hand at painting it. And so I did.

I first removed the hardware, then sanded down the whole piece (which was actually two pieces: the display case and the hutch). Check out the secretary features and the pull-out-flip-down hinge.

And here it is now.

I used sponge brushes to apply two coats (plus a few touch ups) of Bejamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal. I love how the hardware looks against it. I know the color is one of the “trendy” grays that everybody is using. But I do I care about being a salmon with the stream? I do not. Besides I think the details of the piece make it look timeless.

Obviously, I now need ultra cool and stylish, monochromatic, modern dishes and kitchenware to play nicely with what we’ve done… the work is endless.. 🙂


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