A Few Good Details

A few more Kitchen details rounding out the Industrial Kitchen Look. As if it still needed it… 🙂

Added a backsplash by the stove and some hanging rails (Grundtal, Ikea) above the sink…


3 thoughts on “A Few Good Details

  1. LOVE the backsplash! Wherever did you find that? It a nice personal touch, adding gorgeous texture and a feminine touch to your kitchen.

    I’m also a big fan of Grundtal, and Ikea in general — I happen to own several of the items in the photos, including the colander 🙂

    • Thank you! You can find them anywhere on the internet and in lots of different patterns as well. I love Ikea, too… I find they have a lot of stuff that bridges the gap between stylish and affordable. Also, they have so many design/practical solutions. Industrial style rails, for example. I didn’t know where else I could find a ready-to-install set. And their storage is not bad either. Stay tuned for dining room updates. (I love my billy bookcases!)

  2. Clearly I need more coffee this morning — I got interrupted mid-comment, hence the typo at the start of the third sentence.

    Time for another cup of coffee!

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