Results Show: The Bathroom!

When our bathroom crapped out on us during the first week we decided it was necessary to our sanitation and sanity the right time to re-do our bathroom completely, we decided to have it done by a professional. People the world over will be shocked, but it is not unheard of in the US – particularly in New York City where there are some of the oldest residential buildings in the country – to simply tile over the existing tile, swap out the toilet, and be done with it.

We couldn’t live with the thought of 96 years of ickiness layered beneath freshly lain tile. But everybody (the super, our contractor, our neighbor) told us it would be too much work and demolition and debris to remove the tiling that already narrowed the bathroom by about an 1 1/2″ and went up to the 5 foot mark. We were mighty sad. In addition to that dilemma, I felt that not removing that five foot high, 1.5 inch layer of tile along our walls severely limited how we could decorate out bath in the future.

What I mean is, the tile up to the five foot mark would have prevented us from ever installing a mirror in the future (I’m 5’2″) and the med cabinet cannot be built-in above the sink because it’s an exterior wall. So: forever, into perpetuity, we’d have the med cabinet, with the mirror, to the left of the sink and nothing but possibly a soap holder installed above the sink. I don’t even use soap.

So we asked the contractor to at least demolition the wall down by a foot, to the four foot mark. That way if we wanted to move a mirror, install more mirrors, or shelves, or pictures in the bath, we could.  A lot of people who see this pic may think: that bath looks fine. Nice and olde, but in good shape. Well, it wasn’t.

After lots of research online and in my repository of shelter mags, we decided to refresh, spice up the bath – but not to change it up entirely. We love an industrial look. And that classic pre-war New York City bathroom look (subway tile!) couldn’t be more at home in a pre-war New York City apartment. Duh.

Oh, and if anybody out there is looking to re-do their bath. Two words of advice: Classic Tile.

The result is a clean, industrial, modern, yet (we feel) classic bath. Something that’s fresh and also something we can live with for a long time.

It’s as unholy a color on a door as it was on the Honda Fit that inspired it.

I love the medicine cabinet. It’s just a metal lock box (keys are inside). But isn’t it just begging for a big red cross on it?

We used a gorgeous penny round for the floor. A take on the classic hexagon tile. We seriously love it. Plus it feels nice on the feet…

The position of the shower is not ideal. Maybe a 90 degree shower arm may solve that. Hm…

The storage unit is a chicken coop type thing from CB2 and the wood boxes are actually planters from a hardware store. I loved the idea of metal and wood, warm and industrial coming together.

The drain stopper (what I’ve since learned is called a ‘tower drain’). Unfortunately, it has lost it’s head)


4 thoughts on “Results Show: The Bathroom!

  1. I love the before-and-after transition of your bathroom’s brightness. This shade of green is a perfect choice in achieving a cooler ambiance plus it doesn’t need much help with lights to illuminate the entire space. This has all been well-planned out, Mavis. I have been inspired by your renovation, thanks for sharing!

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