The Results Show: Kitchen

I don’t know much, but I know this: I don’t like cabinets.

This is entirely a personal thing, and I don’t mind in the least that other people have them and love them. But cabinets do not work for me. I don’t like how things and food items disappear in them. I don’t like how I can’t reach anything that is placed on anything but the lowest shelf. I don’t like how the cabinet door edges are smacking-level with my forehead, and how the sharp corners of the doors, when they are open, always look me in the eyeball, threatening my cornea. In short, I don’t like cabinets.

I like open (and low placed) shelving. I like being able to see everything I own so that I use them, and so that I only own things that I use. I like seeing the floors and corners of the kitchen, so I can be sure there isn’t anything wet and rotting under the sink, or a secret bug nest somewhere in a dark corner in a cabinet under the counter. In short: I don’t like cabinets. Did I say that already? Well, it’s true.

Luckily, even though he doesn’t mind cabinets, Martin really likes the open,  utilitarian-style look as well.

Also, I like spying kitchens in shows. When I see a kitchen I like, I’ll watch a show.

Seaside kitchen.

From one of my favorite shows ever: Two Fat Ladies.

And another one of the Two Fat Ladies dancing, because they’re so cute!

Now, real farmhouse sinks and cast iron sinks are really expensive. But nothing in China Town ever is. So, to get our utilitarian, restaurant kitchen style kitchen, we went to a restaurant supply store! Voila!

This is our kitchen sink.

This is our kitchen shelving unit.


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