Dumbwaiter, Dumb idea. When bad paint happens to good people.

The plan was to buy that very trendy chalkboard paint and just paint it that and be done with it. Then one day, I just turned around and took the Silent Paint Remover to it. Half the paint came off the metal door. Then I took a hand sander to it. It broke the hand sander. I sprayed with Citrix Peel. The Paint just laughed in my face. Turpentine. Putty Knife. 60 Grit Sandpaper wrapped around my fingers, dipped in water. And lots of elbow grease. Then we were getting somewhere.

Dumb dumbwaiter

Was thinking there would be an entry to Narnia underneath all that paint. Instead, underneath all that paint was just more paint.


Coolest brass hinges. Wonder when the last time was that they saw daylight.


Now we’re getting somewhere! Then the hand sander broke and we went nowhere good.


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