Location, Location, Location

That there is Yankee Stadium, an awesome sight any time, but particularly on clear morning, or a bright day, or a dusky afternoon, or all lit up at night.  One of the great joys of the apartment is having such open views. The light in the apartment is fantastic all throughout the day, even though we face north and east as opposed to the highly coveted (on the northern hemisphere, at least) southern and western exposures.

When we first saw this apartment – actually all three times we saw the apartment before buying and moving in – it was in inclement weather. Bitter cold and rain. Sleet. Gray. And we still loved it. We thought, how cozy it’ll be. Yeah, right. First morning there, we ate breakfast wearing sunglasses. Nearly got a sunburn in January. Sure it was a mild winter, but still. After breakfast, I googled “sun reducing windows”. But then I quickly got over the sun blast and instead googled “how to grow tomatoes in city apartments”!


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